save your tears (barren x ʎpoqou)

by barren

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thank you for listening


released July 19, 2016

vocals recorded by john dello at Bridge East Studios in East Bridgewater, MA
instrumentals produced by ʎpoqou
vocals by barren



all rights reserved
Track Name: hoping you know
back and forth between
sentences that wont make me seem too
self indulged with
what is slowly killing me
make up for the past
in what lies ahead they said
but im not listening
i can think for myself
do i listen this time
or ignore and try to be fine
i missed your call
when you needed me the most
you might want to
distance yourself
ive never been this close

but i know
you have no will left to go
but please know
ill be there when you fall
to keep you up in arms

just please know
ill be there when you fall
you have no will

please know
Track Name: reaching for something
falling down
reaching for something to pull me right back out
im falling out
falling down
i try to keep atleast on common ground
theres not much left around
to make a sound
you saw me now
new part of me hopes for some sort of falling out
im calling down
can you hear me
im crawling now
im on my knees
begging for a better sound
im calling out
i asked for you
i guess you just werent around
you werent around
i guess you just werent there to be found

im falling now
can you find it in your heart to keep me around
i wont make a sound
Track Name: ill tell you the same
with my heart on my sleeve
theres only so many times ill try
before im bound to break
screaming your name
a reflection saying
how you couldnt take it
just lie to me

tell me exactly the things that have been on your mind
im dying to hear how your lifes going fine
ill tell you the same
till i shake the waves
coming and going just wishing all day
killing myself could solve it
so the reaper can cave

i am no longer
asking for closure
as long as im dead when
you get fucked over

dont wait for me
Track Name: drive home
drive home
with lights too bright to see the road
drive slow
last exit before the toll
i know
the tires turn but on their own
another change of pace
another brand new face
and you cant say
these things will change
too far gone
sorry never helped
cant make up for the time
for never making up my mind
change comes and goes
so easily
everything i felt
never ment
a fucking thing

ill make the same mistake
every fucking day
of waking up again
im doing fine just great
im ok