all of the things i wish to say, but dont (barren and killedmyself)

by barren

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released September 23, 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: catching up ft. nyx
look at me and tell me you don’t see what i see

you and i standing still
just ones connecting

the moments gone
but your still around
making sure i keep my ground
you never left
its still holding on
just tell me when
before the feelings gone
is it worth the things
you said it’d be
or am i in for something
id rather never see
Track Name: the same routine
my existence
is just something
that i would ignore
dont try too hard
you might fall
on your way out the door
i still feel quite alone
surrounded by the people i love
taking time
ill hurry up
still trying my hardest
but it wasnt fast enough

everyday the same routine
of forcing myself out of sleep
itd be much easier to breathe
if i didnt want to leave my dreams

can you look me in the face
and say the things you really think
before i end it all
and bury myself with these memories
Track Name: nothing ever changed, only you
swallow your pride
for just a while
and lemme see
how things would play out
not allowed to understand yet
so ill just sit here and wait now
just smoking all my problems down
circling myself around
trying my best to drown my concious out
the only time to write is when im
smoking now

looking for a place
to hang my head down
for the good of everyone around
no end in mind
will give me time to think of
how ill let you down
circling right back around

nothings changed
feeling strange
when will you
talk to me
and tell me whats
behind the things you say
Track Name: ill stay away for life
and if i make it through the week
you’re still fucking dead to me
i know its been some time
but i wish to never speak
its haunting in my brain
but i think I’m fine now
im ok
its like i always said before
I’m going on and through the pain
playing back the sounds
of cutting myself down
ill rooted matter
on tarnished ground
but don’t worry
I’m leaving now
give us all the break we need
from a fucking piece of shit like me

and ill always be nothing
but that doesn’t bother me
feeling sorry isn’t helping
but feeling sad gives me relief
Track Name: will i ever come back
we always say
things we don’t mean

we try our best
to be at rest
with mutual understanding

we care for each other
and we show it in our love
and I’m falling to a place
where i can’t get back up

if you open up your arms
and hold them out i might be fine
as long as you hold on tight