barren and ʎpoqou - stuck

by barren

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released January 16, 2017



all rights reserved
Track Name: myself and i
and i aint got no reason to be upset
an unbalance has just met
the circumstance is not yet
i haven’t seen the sunset
since the words you said have not left
I’m holding in my feelings
and showing thoughts in meaning
my actions don’t come clean
but I’m just kid who’s hearts beating
distracted by your horrid ways
don’t know where to go from here
and i don’t know what the fuck to say
scratch out my eyes
and call it fate
adding to this hollow heart
adding to this tired brain

all around the world
is what i aim for
let me die in peace
when my days done
Track Name: you ever think
lets raise the stakes
you must have a lot of faith
dying breaths
and lonely days
falling leaves
off of the trees
help me through
the growing pains
you ever think that
as a kid
you’d be this fucked up
inside your brain
you’d think by now
we understand
how many times
do i have to say
I’m just great
im full of shit
but thats ok
Track Name: will i feel anything
will i ever feel alive again
been suffering in the same skin
sitting in the same place again
with this list of empty dreams
that need filling in
passing all the time
where theres nothing to be done
dreaming of a new place
where all these fucking feelings
take a seat
and let me do things
on my own
got the one to hold me close
and so many by my side
my patience seems to stagnate
can never seem to find
the phrasing
in which the words come out
and make it seem that i
know exactly what I’m doing
and not just fucking up my life

maybe if you look you’ll find
someone better in your eyes
you won’t notice
me today
Track Name: for everyone else
woke up surrounded in a pool of my own fears
i still hear the thoughts of death ringing in my ears
took the long way home
didn’t speak the whole way there
all of you
ripping out my hair
i think about dying almost every time i wake
id be gone by now but for my friends and families sake
ill stick around and let my
heart take in this pain
ill process the hardened frames
and let it all sink to my brain
Track Name: if you
no clue how to make it seem like
I’m the one you need
i fuck up everything i do
but you still don’t want me to be
sorry for me and you
i seem to always be
scared for something in the way
or when these lonely bones will break
with no
place to be in scene
please fix the frame
and turn it back
now agree
to hold you close
and make you know what
this means
in time you’ll see

make my way to the end
too scared to call me your friend
hate the way you stare at death
asking for its last breath
Track Name: nowhere to be found
sitting up
in fields of gray
i hold my hands
and hope today
this god up there
will hear me pray
that the sun comes out
another day
hear myself breathing in
lost my voice from screaming this